About Us

The date of birth of the  organized Off-Road is considered the summer of 1999 when a group of enthusiasts  gathered in Pasarel to test the abilities of their 4x4 automobiles. Doyens were  Zlatko Milev, Svetoslav Doichinov, Plamen Yotsov, Petar Tsikalov, Andonovi  broders etc. After that the first Off-Road club “Ancient Roman Roads” was  established with Chairman Dr. S. Doichinov. As it often happens the competition  initiated the “opposition” club “4x4 EXTREMS” and that led to headlong  development of the sport. In 2001 club “Ancient Roman Roads” organized the  first official competition in Kremikovtsi where over 30 teams from Bulgaria and Macedonia gathered. Immediately  after that “4x4 EXTREMS” organized the first competition with navigation books  “Shumen 2001” which gathered over 30 teams 7 of which from Romania. In the next  year Bulgaria already had  its National Championship and the first Off-Road champion of Bulgaria was distinguished. From  that moment on the sport developed impetuously  and the Championships became better organized and the competitors grew stronger.

The aim of our club is the  promotion of the 4x4 thrill and the active work on the organization and popularization of this sport. Our club will participate  and assist the organization of three rounds of the National Off-Road  Championship 2007. We will try to popularize the 4x4 sport amongst wider  audience and for this purpose we will organize auto-trips and events in our  country and abroad with non-competition nature. The club will support  financially and logistically three teams, two in Off-Road Championship and one  in the Enduro Championship.