Success of the Children's Academy in Troyan

The graduates of the "Child ATV Academy" in Troyan showed again impressive skills and performed brilliantly in the competition "X Cross ATV Troyan 2013".

The experienced "old" students Vesi Nesheva (9 years) and Rostislav Yordanov (8 years) worked hard to deal with the debutants Vicky Tzvetkova (9 years) and Denise Asanov (7 years old). All participants were persistent in the struggle by the end with a great desire and changes in the leadership, as the smallest , the debutant Denise Asanov won categorically in all three races against his competitors.
All children received special shirts with their names on from the sponsor "M-tel" and the winner took a mobile phone "Samsung".
In class "Junior" - 10-14 years there was only one participant, Vittorio Popov, but he showed great progress and is preparing to enter already in the class of the “Older Boys”.