Off-road support

The participants from our team actively participate in competitions in Africa, Balkan Region and Europe.

Todor Hristov is the team leader of the team, which has been created by people with great experience in international races and has everything needed to support the equipment in extreme conditions during the races at any point on earth. We have two assistant trucks, as one of them is equipped with sleeping places, kitchen and bathroom. The second truck Mercedes 1848 4x4 is fully equipped with air compressor, generator, water, machine for changing of tires, and large service room. The final test for it was at “Dakar 2013” and “Dakar 2014”.

We offer support and logistic for motorcycles, ATV, cars during the following races in 2014.
Also you can rent ATV or car 4x4 for your participation in Rally or Touring Category.
  • "Balkan Marathon Rally 2014” – 5-12 of September. Third Round of “Balkan rally Raid Cup”, race in two Balkans countries.
  • 24 Hours of Athens” – 29-30 of November, Athens, Greece – Last Round of “Balkan Rally Raid Cup 2013”
  • Africa Eco Race 2015”- 28 of December 2014 to 12 of January 2015. The real race to Dakar crossing Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.
For more information please contact us by e-mail - or By phone - +359888731578